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Who can apply to be an MCV?
Women and men who are at least 21 years old may apply. Individuals and married couples are welcome, but volunteers must not have any dependents.

How long is the service term?
Long-term mission with MCV is a full-time commitment for an average of one year with the option for renewal. In some cases, placements may be slightly shorter or longer than one year, based on the availability of the volunteer and the needs of the mission site. Volunteers may be given the option to renew their service term.

2010-11 Missionary Cenacle VolunteersWhere do MCVs serve?
Missionary Cenacle Volunteers is the volunteer program of the Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity, a community of Catholic sisters. Volunteers may be placed at any one of the many mission sites where our MSBT sisters serve. These sites include Catholic parishes, retreat centers, various social service agencies, and Hispanic and immigration ministries located throughout the continental US, Puerto Rico and Mexico. MCV does not typically recruit volunteers for particular mission sites. Rather, each placement is uniquely designed around the interests and abilities of each volunteer.

Where do MCVs live?
Often volunteers live in community with MSBT sisters, but living arrangements vary by site.

What type of service and mission work do MCVs do?
Service placements are based on the particular gifts and skills of the volunteer and the changing needs of the MSBT missions. There is a wide range of potential service types, including religious education, tutoring school children, social services, teaching English as a Second Language, and many more. You may wish to read about our recent long-term volunteers for more examples of what MCV placements are like.

What are the financial benefits and responsibilities?
During long-term mission service, volunteers are provided with meals and housing, a modest personal stipend and reimbursement of health insurance premium costs. The only financial commitment for the volunteer is the travel expenses to and from the mission site.

Initial Long-Term Application

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